exciting announcement – cohort two kick-off!

The Silulo Foundation is thrilled to unveil its second Entrepreneurship Programme, kicking off with the first bootcamp on July 29th. Limited enrollment spaces are still available, so don’t miss out and register now! Contact Ntabeleng at foundation@silulo.com or simply sign up online: https://silulofoundation.org/sign-up/

The Silulo Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Programme is designed to provide aspiring business owners with comprehensive training, invaluable mentorship, and essential resources. Our aim is to equip individuals from diverse backgrounds with the necessary skills to establish and sustain successful enterprises. Inclusivity lies at the heart of our programme, as we strive to address the barriers faced by these entrepreneurs in the past.

The success of our first cohort speaks volumes about the impact we make. Numerous individuals are in the process of scaling or transforming their business ideas into reality, resulting in the growth and expansion of their existing ventures. These endeavours hold great promise for the economic development of the Western Cape, as our graduates launch and scale a wide range of ventures, including startups and community-based enterprises.

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your entrepreneurial potential with the Silulo Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Programme. Together, we can build a thriving ecosystem that empowers individuals, fosters innovation, and drives sustainable economic growth. Don’t delay, register today and pave the way for your future success!

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