Avuke Group and Silulo Ulutho Foundation Join Forces to Foster Economic Growth and Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Cape Town, August 23, 2023 – The Silulo Ulutho Foundation, a prominent organisation dedicated to promoting economic development and empowerment within South African communities, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Avuke Group Limited, a renowned management consulting company specialising in strategic legal and compliance services.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Avuke Group and Silulo Ulutho Foundation marks a significant step towards driving positive change in the business landscape of disadvantaged communities in South Africa. The partnership aims to provide strategic legal and compliance guidance to entrepreneurs associated with Silulo Ulutho Foundation, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate complex regulatory environments.

Luvuyo Rani, Founder of Silulo Ulutho Foundation, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We are elated to join hands with Avuke Group in this mission to empower entrepreneurs in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Their expertise in strategic legal and compliance matters will undoubtedly elevate the growth prospects of our entrepreneurs and contribute to the economic advancement of our nation.”

Yasmina Kubheka, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Avuke Group, also shared her enthusiasm: “This partnership represents a convergence of shared values and missions. Avuke Group is committed to fostering economic growth through compliance and strategic legal guidance, and we are honoured to extend our support to the Silulo Ulutho Foundation and its vision.”

Avuke Group’s expertise lies in offering comprehensive services that encompass areas such as mergers and acquisitions, business models, corporate equity structures, market regulatory requirements, and strategic compliance. The company is set to work closely with Silulo Ulutho Foundation to design tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs while ensuring alignment with the Foundation’s overarching objectives.

As part of this partnership, Avuke Group is excited to provide its consulting advice and support to entrepreneurs identified by Silulo Ulutho Foundation. The collaboration will also involve CEO Simo Kubheka’s active participation through presentations, workshops, talks, and advice sessions.

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About Avuke Group Limited

Avuke Group Limited is a leading management consulting company specializing in strategic legal and compliance services. With a commitment to promoting business growth while adhering to regulatory frameworks, Avuke Group empowers organizations to thrive in complex business environments.

About Silulo Ulutho Foundation

Silulo Ulutho Foundation is a pioneering organization dedicated to fostering economic development and empowerment within South African communities. By providing resources, training, and support to entrepreneurs, the Foundation strives to create sustainable growth opportunities and contribute to the country’s economy.