About us

Who we are

Silulo Foundation is an impactful extension of Silulo Ulutho Technologies that is committed to Empowering Entrepreneurs, Skills Development, and giving back to the Community.

It serves as a commitment to making opportunities, information, and skills accessible to aspiring small business owners and members of the community.

Silulo was established on the core principle of bridging the digital divide so that disadvantaged communities and individuals are not left behind in digital transformation. The foundation takes the principle of empowering disadvantaged communities further through programs, initiatives, and events that facilitate entrepreneurship, empowerment, and giving back.

The three pillars of Silulo Foundation:

1. Entrepreneurship

We believe that entrepreneurship is the key to creating an ecosystem of opportunities, employment and empowerment in townships and rural areas. We aim to make information and resources available to low-income entrepreneurs so that they can create sustainable businesses.

2. Skills Development

Through education and training, our aim is to provide the youth and other members of emerging communities with the skills and knowledge needed to start their own businesses and find employment. We believe in offering skills development that meets the needs of communities and society at large.

3. Uplifting communities

The principle of Silulo Foundation is having a positive social and economic impact on the community. The foundation exists as a channel for which Silulo can directly give back to the communities that have supported us for years. We drive initiatives, partnerships with community leaders, and events that empower and support the members of the community.